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Beautiful, solid Hawaiian Koa wood for guitar soundboards, backs and sides.
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All of our Koa woods have been selected, dried, and cut specifically for guitar construction.

For our acoustic guitar, archtop guitar, and ukulele wood sets we offer perfectly book-matched, quartersawn sets of solid Koa wood. Each 4 and 6 piece set contains one bookmatched set of backs (soundboard) and one bookmatched set of sides which are matched up according to gain pattern and color.

For our electric guitar woods we offer solid koa 2 piece body blanks, book-matched carved tops, and bookmatched top plates.
All of our koa is air-dried for 3 plus years for stability, consistency, and resonance. Koa is very hard and dense, producing a remarkable balanced tone somewhere between maple and rosewood. Exceptional tonal balance that is clear and crisp with warm sustain.

Koa can exhibis a wide range of exotic grain patterns (curly, highly figured, flame, three-dimensional) and beautiful color variations (rich reds, orange, purple, gold, black, brown, and chestnut colors).

Koa has always been a personal favorite of many of the top luthiers from around the world. It is also a favorite tonewood by some of the finer guitars makers such as Martin and Taylor for its excellent tone and superior stability. Woody and bright, the Koa's voice sweetens and deepens over time.

Koa today is the most sought after tonewood for guitars, as much due to it's visual beauty as it's tonal characteristics. Because the Koa tree is becoming scarce and is now protected by the government (similar to Brazilian rosewood) the availability of this wood is rare, especially the finer grades.

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