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Beautiful, solid Hawaiian Koa wood for guitar soundboards, backs and sides.
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About Big Island Curly Koa Guitar Wood

Hi everybody. Just a little something about my me and my company.

I started way back in the mid 70s in Los Angeles with my own shop, building, customizing, repairing and just about anything related to guitars. I was able to meet quite a few luthiers from the old school and learn some of the most brilliant techniques of guitar making.

In the 90s I went to work for Gibson USA in Nashville. I was able to learn more about different types of tonewoods and about building guitars from one of the finest guitar companies in the world. I felt very blessed to be part of Gibson but I really like working in my own shop. So I moved to Hawaii and opened up shop and began my life's passion.

I have sold hundreds of koa acoustic guitar wood sets since I opened shop and I'm very proud to have some small part of this wonderful business of guitar making. I look forward to working with you and helping you get the right wood for the project.

God bless, James

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